Our contribution to our parent community!

Beyond Mum and Dad is our Facebook group that has been set up as a means to give back to our community.

Beyond Mum and Dad offers coaching, motivation and  personal development to equip parents with the challenges. We also realise that the complimentary coaching offered here may not be specific enough for all. Clients can invest in more suitable products and training.

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Many parents struggle with :

  • time management,
  • energy levels,
  • staying healthy,
  • personal enjoyment,
  • negative feelings such as anger, sadness, fear, guilt shame and more
  • relationship struggles with partners , inlaws, peers, workmates
  • having children with special needs,
  • money management
  • managing older parents
  • living with older children
  • regret that opportunities have vanished
  • and other personal issues.

What do you struggle with?

Beyond Mum and Dad focuses on parent’s personal growth and how we can live the life we want.

Beyond Mum and Dad Manifesto