What our clients say

We have worked with some inspirational people and love sharing their feedback and success!

“I found Brigitte to be very professional, compassionate and knowledgeable. During my breakthrough session, I experienced a shift in my perception and behaviour in regards to relationships and am now in a loving and committed relationship due to Brigitte’s expertise.”

Eloise Lamond

“Thanks Brigitte for delivering the core exercise to us. It helps me to have a better picture of what I am after for my career development after working in this company for more than 18 years. In addition, during the group discussion, we could find the values and expectations from our colleagues considering working together as a team. It helps me to be more positive and need to be more encouraging to colleagues so as to create a positive working environment. I am looking forward to a follow up exercise on that to see how we go after learning all this. Well done!”

Kelvin Ng – Engineer

“The core values exercise run by Brigitte was helpful and provided an insight into the minds of other coworkers in the company. Being relatively new to the industry, and to the company, I found it comforting to see that others’ values were similar to my own. Discussing these core values among each other, has added a degree of guidance and confidence to my work, knowing that my actions and decisions coincide with the values of others.”

Mato Beslic
Engineer, Xandel